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ALMÜ builds for the future / 24. Okt. 2017

ALMÜ Precision Tools GmbH has experienced quite an upward movement over the past few years, also stimulated by the introduction of our ALMÜ ALL IN ONE range. This has led to increased space requirements for the technical offices as well as for the PCD production. We are planning to meet these requirements by constructing a representative multi-story building. On the ground floor, our PCD tool production will then get a modern production environment, while the administration and the technical office will move to the first floor. On the second floor, there will be adequate space for product training, as well as larger meeting and conference rooms. The building is planned to comply with the KWF 70 energy efficiency criteria. The entire building will maintain its temperature by concrete core activation, ensuring that the very strict manufacturing tolerances of our PCD tools can also be met on hot summer days. The entire floor space will be about 1,330 square meters. Our partner for the construction is Mörk Bau from Leonberg, while the company Gödde will take care of the building services engineering. The construction is scheduled to begin in December 2017, and it will take about a year until the completion of the building.

ALMÜ Technology Days ALMÜ Technology Days ALMÜ Technology Days

ALMÜ Technology Days in April 2015 / 27. Apr. 2015

ALMÜ held its first Technology Days on April 20 and 21, 2015. The aim of the event was to present ALMÜ’s latest technologies and developments to its European sales partners. It focused on ALMÜ’s ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM: the complete solution including tools, fixtures, and engineering. Along with straight product training, much attention was dedicated to linking up the individual companies.
Over the course of Monday, the ALMÜ team received its first guests. In the nearby Seminaris hotel, during the evening dinner, relations were deepened, and those present exchanged lots of information.
Tuesday then was the day devoted to the world of ALMÜ products. The key issue was the already mentioned ALMÜ ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM, presented with all its relevant features. Jaume Cusso from Barcelona and ALMÜ’s Georg Grammenos demonstrated all its distinctive advantages during a practical application. All the project’s advantages quickly became clear: from the fixture and the tool package right up to the actual PCD machining. Additionally, a number of interesting projects were presented; Yannick Martin from Jone Precision in France showed Airbus’s PCD tool.
With lots of interesting details, Markus Müller and the entire ALMÜ team turned the entire day into a most intriguing and compelling event.
Later, ALMÜ’s Technology Days ended with a joint dinner and evening program. Many participants suggested this kind of event should be held on an annual basis.

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