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Men and machine – each factor adds its utmost to the result. Our success is a result of this strategy in the market, and our customers honor the results.

Loading the robot of a CNC lathe with a cut-off Measuring a precision component for a tool changer An assembly group of a tool changer ready to be assembled

Creative and motivated employees (most of them trained for long within our company), plus a high degree of automation – this is how you could describe our success story: producing high-precision tools most effectively.

Our experienced experts produce it all “made in Germany”, true to the latest detail, and sure to realize what really matters. The result: precision in perfection.

For our customers, we are therefore first and foremost the competent and reliable experts when it comes to offer great services.

ALMÜ Präzisionswerkzeug GmbH | P +49-7164-9416-0 | F +49-7164-9416-9 | info [at]

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