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With ALMÜ into the future / Issue August 2019

Technologies in the automotive industry are developing rapidly. ALMÜ knows the challenges of its customers, and supports them with individual tools and complete solutions. Also and particularly when it comes to e-mobility. The latest example proves this: an automobile manufacturer has ordered not only the appropriate tools, but also a clamping device for the production of a crossbeam. The special task: the fixture had to be flexible enough to fit both the existing machine – a HELLER MC25 – and a potential new investment.
The project presented in the current issue demonstrates in an impressive way: The ALMÜ team is perfectly prepared for the future of electric mobility, living up to its reputation as a problem solver.

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ALMÜ builds for the future / Issue April 2018

Over the last years, we have experienced steady growth thanks to our loyal customers. One of the reasons for this positive development is that more and more customers want to reduce their production chain cost by turning to a service provider offering integrated solutions. his positive business performance also leads to increased space require-ments. That goes for the technical of-fices as well as for our production. We react to this development by creating a representative multistory building.

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Multi-Stage Precision Tools – Save time and cost / Issue July 2016

In today’s modern automob ile construction mass production, it has become almost unthinkable to work with standard tools. Facing the tight cycle times required, specifi cally confi gured special tools can be used highly effi ciently and reliably. ALMÜ Präzisionswerkzeug GmbH is well prepared, especially in this environment. The tool we present today combines three operations in a row.

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PCD mono-bloc tools vs. PCD insert tools / Issue June 2015

Today’s metalworking industry would be unimaginable without tools with polycrystalline diamonds: they have long been established everywhere. The steadily increasing challenges tool manufacturers face require very fl exible thinking. That makes high competence in handling the cutting material PCD necessary when it comes to designing tools. But which are the advantages in using interchangeable inserts, the so-called cutting inserts, and when should you choose PCD cutters brazed in?

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Precision tools and fixture construction - your complete package "Made by ALMÜ" / Issue June 2015

Tools and clamping fi xtures are two domains that have always been inextricably linked. In most cases, the tools are provided by a tool manufacturer, the fi xtures by a fi xtures constructor, or in-house.
Now, add the domains of engineering, application technology, and programming, and we at ALMÜ call it our ALL-INONE PRINCIPLE. Only if all components are perfectly harmonized, you can start serial production with the workpiece you have to have machined. In this Insider, we present you a project for SHW from Bad Schussenried in southern Germany.

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ALMÜ – a popular partner of the aviation industry / Issue May 2013

Today, flying itself is no longer a great challenge. Around the globe, zillions of planes take off every day. But in spite of the fact that planes have become a means of mass transport, airplane production has to cope with great challenges. The individual ranges of products require the highest quality, paired with minimal tolerances. ALMÜ can contribute a lot to safety in the air. This Insider focuses on an essential component of every airplane: the main landing gear’s brake caliper of the Airbus A320.

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Tools and devices – unbeatable as complete solutions / Issue November 2012

Innovative technology can only be called really innovative when it helps companies making their technical processes become higher-quality, more productive, and especially more precise. Tools and fastening devices are two fields of the industry that have always been closely linked. You may know the problem: you buy the tool from a tool manufacturer, the fastening device from another company, and you provide the platform, the CNC machining center. And it always takes time until these components are finally harmonized. Time that costs money and lots of headaches. We have been very aware of this problem for years. In this INSIDER, let us tell you more about such devices “made by AMLÜ”.

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From naught to 360 degrees in less than two seconds! / Issue August 2012

Circular machining of inner and outer shapes has been state of the art for years. Usually, these two processes are, however, carried out in two separate steps, using different tools. This is often necessary to produce special contours and recesses into which you can later insert seals, retaining rings, and similar parts.

Requirements are increasing for both admissible tolerances and contour transitions. The contours have to be shaped in a way that every corner radius of a recess fits tangentially to the respective diameter drilled. Only thus, can you ensure the seals will not be spoilt by sharp edges during assembly.

Download Insider August 2012 / PDF 417 kB

The best of two worlds – ALMÜ Flex system / Issue January 2012

Machining processes in the automobile industry have become increasingly complex. To be able to cope with that, and to ensure its leading role in modern tool development, ALMÜ Precision Works has always focused on innovative and groundbreaking solutions. In this Insider issue, we describe you in detail how to process the bearing carrier of a car‘s clutch case.

Download Insider January 2012 / PDF 354 kB

Complex contours with solid carbide form cutters / Issue August 2011

In today’s machine building industry, as well as in the automotive and its supplying industry, demand has been rising that the components produced and their geometry become more and more complex. To be able to produce effectively with the highest precision, the alternative is often a form cutting tool adapted especially to the very manufacturing phase. This ALMÜ Insider shows you such a tool solution.

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PCD tool solutions – “four wins” / Issue August 2010

People have a tendency to take many things in life for granted – one of these things is ventilation on board large passenger jets. We at ALMÜ Precision Tools contribute a share to such solutions. Our newest development in the field of PCD tools is used when it comes to working at the shell of cabin ventilation. Using this bell-shaped tool in the style of a brazed PCD monobloc tool, four work steps can be replaced by a single one – which is why we often refer to it as “four wins”.

Download Insider August 2010 / PDF 410 kB

Combination meets Performance / Issue March 2010

ALMÜ Precision Tools – your far-sighted partner whenever it comes to creating concepts and planning your tools. In this Insider issue, we tell you all about this subject.

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Solid carbide drills: proven technology brought up to date / Issue July 2008

For the last twenty years, manufacturers have mainly used straight-fluted solid carbide drills with internal coolant supply when working with short-chipping materials. ALMÜ was one of the first companies to develop and produce such tools. Today, we want to show you that it is possible to increase the performance of straight-fluted solid carbide drills.

Download Insider July 2008 / PDF 271 kB

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