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New Machining Center with Automation
24. October 2023

A new era in soft machining has begun at ALMÜ with the delivery and commissioning of our new Grob G150. With this machine we aim to bring the production of indexable insert tools and PCD tools to a new level.

The Grob G150 offers the possibility of direct tool clamping by using an HSK-100 interface and the machining of spiralized tools in a single clamping. Thanks to the machine's accuracy features, we are expecting a significant increase in the dimensional quality of our tools.

Gerhardt Bertich's team is already in the starting blocks to explore this technical masterpiece and its limits.
We would like to thank all our project partners for their excellent cooperation and we wish our employees lots of fun and success with the new machine.

We are a premium partner of TSG Zell u. A.
17. October 2023

ALMÜ has always been firmly rooted in Zell unter Aichelberg. As a family business, we would like to express our solidarity with the region by sponsoring TSG Zell unter Aichelberg.

We are therefore delighted to be a premium partner of the TSG Zell soccer team with immediate effect and we look forward to supporting our local sports club with our sponsorship. We wish the footballers every success for the season!

Paris Air Show 2015, Le Bourget, © Airbus S.A.S.

ALMÜ takes part in the Paris Air Show 2023 in Le Bourget (France)
04. May 2023

Exhibition period: June 19 to 25, 2023
Representative at the trade fair: JONE Precision
Stand number: 4BC79

After cancellation of the Paris Air Show in 2021, the time has finally come again: from June 19 to 25, 2023, the trade fair will host the latest technologies of the aerospace industry. ALMÜ will also be there! Represented by our French partner JONE Precision. Our latest tool technologies for the machining of aerospace components such as Airbus rims and brake calipers will be presented.

Image: Paris Air Show 2015, Le Bourget, © Airbus S.A.S.

PCD angular milling cutter from ALMÜ

NEW: Ready-to-cut PCD angular milling cutter from ALMÜ – order now at zero cost!
14. September 2021

With our new monoblock tool, you get both: precision and productivity!
The PCD angular milling cutter head can – thanks to the ready-to-cut solution – be used immediately on the machine. The parameters of the measuring protocol supplied with the tool can be entered directly into the machine control system. With this complete package, we offer you nothing less than the most efficient cost-effectiveness and the highest cutting performance, with concentricity in the range of 3 µm and smooth running at the highest level ensured by dynamic balancing.

Test these benefits in practice – at the special offer price of ZERO euros.

Order one of our new angular milling cutters until December 31, 2024 – completely free of charge for the market launch! – and get the whole PCD competence of ALMÜ for your business.

We will be happy to answer your questions and take your orders at +49-71 64-94 160 or e-mail us at info [at]

Technical data on this tool and information on our attractive repair service can be found here.

Digitalization at ALMÜ is being further expanded
18. January 2021

Anyone who gets digitally out of touch during the coronavirus pandemic not only suffers economic disadvantages, but above all loses the connection and ties to customers, partners, and their own employees.

Even before Covid-19 completely changed the way we work, we took the first step and invested in the digitalization of our processes – or to be more precise: in an update from our previous ERP system to the latest version. Over several months, all processes, degrees of utilization, and capacities were analyzed and finally mapped in the system.

The result: the digitization of our production and the corresponding automation of administrative sectors, as well as well-networked departments. Accelerated processes perfectly support our efficient way of working, just like the hassle-free use of cloud functions and communication tools. This allows us to easily stay in touch with our customers, partners, and our team, and to productively advance projects regardless of time and place.

With this major digital advance, ALMÜ will be able to focus even more on its core competence in the future: the production of precision and special tools.

We would like to thank mse Business Consulting GmbH based in Göppingen – our modern, reliable, and above all local partner when it comes to well thought-out IT projects – for their excellent advice and technical implementation.

Strausak U-Grind integrate very well into our automated production
14. August 2020

ALMÜ has two new ones: with our two Strausak U-Grind tool grinding machines, we produce in particular smaller and very precise solid carbide tools very efficiently in 24-hour operation. Automatic loading is carried out by a Sträubli robot, which got on well with the two new machines right from the start. Just like our employees!

The future belongs to E-Mobility – ALMÜ joins this trend
30. July 2020

With its extremely diversified tool solutions, ALMÜ has been a popular partner and supplier of the automotive industry for many years, including all major German car manufacturers – especially whenever talent for special solutions and the will to innovate have been required.

ALMÜ manufactures both individual tools and complete tool sets made of PCD and solid carbide for components of electric vehicles, such as the battery tray for an e-model of a renowned German car manufacturer. Thus, we are investing in a future-oriented technology, which will also ensure an attractive and safe working environment at ALMÜ for future generations of trainees.

Machine training at ALMÜ – we can do the Vollmer
13. July 2020

We at ALMÜ do not think in terms of problems. We master challenges, find solutions, seize chances, and make the most of opportunities. Currently, for example, we have profited from the coronavirus break to train our employees on our latest machines, providing them with the best possible qualifications: an expert from Vollmer visited our team on site to deepen their knowledge of the handling and programming of the machines, and to explain interesting facts about automation. And what, during training, caused spinning heads was put into practice as newly acquired knowledge, and implemented in producing appropriate tools. In this way, our newly trained in-house experts have received the perfect finishing touches to their recently extended know-how.

In order to come to grips even with the last remaining questions that might still arise during the actual work, the Vollmer company offered additional training if required. Thanks a lot for that!

The future can come – our employees are professionally prepared.

Ready for the future – ALMÜ invests in production facility
29. June 2020

What could not have been realized under normal operating conditions was made possible by the temporary shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic: the urgent restoration of our worn-out wooden floor in the production department.

By replacing the floor covering, ALMÜ will in future meet all the requirements of the modern machine generation with regard to installation conditions, while at the same time scoring points in terms of environmental friendliness. This is because the oil-resistant epoxy resin coating of our new, heavy-duty floor screed prevents oil from seeping through. The trough shape of the floor also prevents uncontrolled leaking of lubricants or cleaning fluids – everything stays where it belongs. With this sustainable renovation, ALMÜ has once again succeeded in meeting both technical requirements and ecological aspects in an equal measure.

We would like to thank the Bernauer company from Zell unter Aichelberg for the professional execution of the floor covering project and the great cooperation.

A real eye-catcher – our company logo decorates the new building
04. September 2019

If you visit ALMÜ for the first time in our new domicile, you can’t miss it any longer. Our company logo was recently installed in front of the innovative glass façade – a real eye-catcher! At least, that’s what we think. If you want to see it for yourself, we recommend a visit after dark. When illuminated, it looks even more spectacular. We are looking forward to your feedback.

More capacities for VHM tools
19. August 2019

At the end of July, the time had come – we got reinforcements! A further Saacke CNC grinding center UW I D has since expanded our machinery, offering us the urgently needed additional capacity in the sector of VHM tools.

The machine fully meets our requirements in terms of flexibility and precision. We can machine tools variably without having to reconfigure. A considerable gain in time! We are also flexible when it comes to feed. HSK 50 grinding wheel packages of up to a diameter of 150 mm can be changed automatically by means of robotic support. This enables us to work unmanned and to make optimal use of the machine’s capacity.

State of the art – software for the production of complex tools
With the NUMROTO 4.0 package, the machine is also state-of-the-art in terms of software. This is a particular pleasure for our apprentices. Because from their second year of apprenticeship, our future precision tool mechanics focus on CNC programming. After all, at the end of their training, they should be able to produce VHM tools all by themselves. This requires two things: craftsmanship and innovative, creative work on the computer.

Claus Holl: 40 years of vigor and loyalty – a jubilee to celebrate!
12. August 2019

At the end of June, we had every reason to celebrate. Our Claus Holl has 40 years of ALMÜ “on his back”. His attitude was always straightforward. He has experienced all our ups and downs intensively since the very beginning, and contributed to the fortunate development. We, his “company family”, could hardly thank him enough for all the years of faithful cooperation, and especially for his fidelity and loyalty. Therefore, this anniversary was also celebrated among all our employees. It was a nice occasion to get together again for a glass of champagne and some canapés, and to toast our esteemed colleague. We sincerely hope that Herr Holl will enjoy his visit to the restaurant with his wife, and that a few ounces of gold will bring him good luck as a lasting value. At this point, we say thank you once again!

ALMÜ All-In-One – an ideal solution for e-mobility as well
07. August 2019

Word has got around in the automotive industry that customers benefit from our All-In-One principle in many ways. Getting all services such as process design, tools, the right clamping device, and tool plans for programming from a single source also means that everything fits together perfectly.

Of course, we also offer All-In-One solutions for e-mobility projects. Recently, we were approached by a customer who wanted to produce a cross beam using sand casting. The challenges were that the workpiece had to be completely machined in just a single clamping position. And that the fixture should later also be adaptable to a new machine.

Just twelve weeks later, we were able to deliver the tools and clamping device. The customer was delighted that he was able to start machining the first parts on his machine immediately – thanks to numerous test runs at our plant. Another three weeks later, he made sample parts available for his customer – a complete success! Now, there are still a few small optimizations to be carried out regarding the tools and the fixture – and serial production can begin.

All in all, thanks to the ALMÜ All-In-One solution, sample parts were already available 15 weeks after the order had been placed – and that with a new production run! Our customer was not only enthusiastic about the technical performance, but also about the fact that the cooperation tied up much less of his own capacities. With ALMÜ All-In-One, simply everyone wins!

ALMÜ supports the initiative “Retten macht Schule” (“Rescuing goes to the schools”) of the Björn Steiger Foundation
05. August 2019

Already young people from the seventh grade are able to reanimate an adult! This is the result of a study by the University Hospital of Rostock, Germany. In this context, the Björn Steiger Foundation launched the “Retten macht Schule” initiative in 2009. Since 2014, there have also been such courses at secondary schools in our state of Baden-Württemberg. We support this valuable project by our conviction. Because fast and optimal medical help in an emergency is often very essential for survival.

The aim of the initiative is to first train the teachers in resuscitation. Subsequently, they are to train their pupils in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and in dealing with lay defibrillators. There have already been events on the subject of lifesaving in schools in our vicinity, e.g. in Zell and Weilheim.

More information on the initiative is available (in German) at:

Great atmosphere at the inauguration ceremony of the new ALMÜ building
18. June 2019

On May 4, the big day had come: ALMÜ officially opened its new premises together with its customers and business partners. The response to our invitation was overwhelming, and we were able to welcome almost 150 guests in Zell unter Aichelberg.

Even before the official kick-off of the inauguration ceremony, everybody had the opportunity to get to know ALMÜ better during a company tour. Due to the encouragingly high interest, three guided tours of the premises could take place in parallel in the afternoon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for their interest in our company.

At the champagne reception in the early evening, Managing Director Markus Müller officially welcomed the guests, providing entertaining and personal insights into the history of the company and its milestones. The brilliant motto of Müller’s speech was gratitude, and so the boss expressed his deep appreciation and acknowledgment – among others to his parents (and at the same time company founders) Gertrud and Alfred Müller as well as his wife Yvonne, his authorized representative Bernd Göppinger, the construction manager Daniel Wieland from the company Mörk, as well as the mayor of Zell, Werner Link, who – in his own speech – described the new ALMÜ building as a "special showpiece of the town".

The much varied buffet with its delicacies and the freshly prepared cocktails contributed much to the good mood of all those present, and there was enough time for lively conversations and conviviality in a relaxed atmosphere.

An entertaining highlight was the physics show with Prof. Dr. Christian Enss and his assistant, who made the hall bubble and boil with their exciting experiments, amazing the spectators. With a spectacular fire tornado, the two scientists finally said goodbye, making the audience look astonished in the end.

We look back with joy on the inauguration ceremony. It was a great event that we will remember for a long time to come. Many thanks to all our numerous guests who contributed to the success of this event.

ALMÜ offers services worthy to be filmed
10. June 2019

From consulting and manufacturing to accompanied production use: ALMÜ is a specialist for tailor-made VHM and PCD tool solutions. As an innovative full-service provider, we also offer the development and manufacturing of suitable fixtures, including all the necessary engineering services. Not least, the highest quality assurance standards, complete documentation, and full process control have made ALMÜ a reliable partner for the automotive, aviation, and airspace industries for decades.

We love challenges and are experts for tricky tasks. Do you have one? Then please contact us.

We are looking for you!
04. December 2018

ALMÜ’s apprentice initiative is not limited to classic communication channels. We are actively seeking contact with our future apprentices and employees. We were present with our trainers Daniela Lux and Alexander Bühler at training fairs such as the “Bildung 2018 Werfthalle Göppingen” or the vocational fair at the “Bildungszentrum Wühle” in Weilheim. In discussions with interested young people and parents, the two were able to answer many questions on the subject of dual education programs, internships, and continuous education. Exhibits and videos provided an impression of the requirements and tasks of these professions we train for.

In addition, visitors were able to interview one of our apprentices, and thus gain a real impression of the working atmosphere, vocational school, and final examinations.

We would like to thank the entire trade fair team for their commitment.

Do you have any questions about apprenticeships? Then get in touch with us:

daniela.lux [at]

The anticipation is rising: new building on schedule and on budget
04. December 2018

With the dismantling of the construction crane, the main construction work is nearing completion. The exterior work, both on the façade and the waterproofing of the roof, was completed as planned before the start of the winter season. Now, all employees are looking forward to the new building.

Several teams of interior craftsmen are currently busy with the final works such as tiles, flooring, and painting. Moving-in to our new technical office is scheduled for the end of January, the relocation of our PCD production will take place in mid-February 2019.  We have now concentrated both the design and the manufacturing of our modern polycrystalline diamond tools in our new building.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in a new environment.

ALMÜ apprentice becomes German Champion
04. December 2018

For the fourth time, a trainee from ALMÜ was named the best cutting tool mechanic in Germany. We congratulate Lukas B. on this great achievement.

In addition to the craftsmanship and diligence of our apprentice, our trainer Mr. Holl made an enormous contribution. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment.

The award ceremony took place on December 1, 2018 in Berlin. At this event, the best apprentices from more than 150 recognized occupations that require training were honored. After his training, Lukas B. is working on a modern 5-axle machining center, type Grob G550, in the basic body production. His to-do list now includes training programs in machine control and CAM programming. We wish him a lot of fun and success.

ALL IN ONE program and portfolio of precision tools
11. September 2018

At the upcoming AMB fair in Stuttgart, Germany, from September 18 through 22, ALMÜ Präzisionswerkzeug GmbH will present its ALL IN ONE program as well as its portfolio of precision tools for a number of applications. The successful company from Zell offers manufacturers a perfect optimization of their processes as a one-stop-service. ALMÜ offers you complete integrated solutions from a single source, from tool construction and clamping fixtures to the control of your customers’ processes.

Meet the ALMÜ team at stand 3B70! They are looking forward to meeting all trade fair visitors who are interested in its ALL IN ONE quality concept, as well as the entire product portfolio.

ALMÜ at the AMB fair in Stuttgart from September 18 to 22, 2018
10. July 2018

AMB is one of the most important trade fairs in Germany for innovations in metalworking. The future of the entire industry is reflected and presented on 120,000 square meters. This year, as part of this community, we are particularly looking forward to meeting our customers and many interested people from all over the world. With our PCD tools, e.g., for the automotive industry, we not only ensure quality and longevity, but we also accompany our customers along the entire process chain. This is what our ALL-IN-ONE PRINCIPLE stands for.

Visit us from September 18 through 22 at the AMB in Stuttgart. You will find us at stand 3B70. The entire ALMÜ team looks forward to meeting you!

Start into the summer – Zeller Frühling with a well-attended trade show
14. June 2018

Every two years, the association of companies, Pro Gewerbe in Zell unter Aichelberg, organizes a trade show in which ALMÜ has participated for many years. This year, too, we are pleased about the numerous visitors and the common exchange. As a producer and manufacturer, we again took the opportunity this year to show our products and production processes to all interested visitors, and to introduce ourselves as a top training company.

Many thanks to the organizers and the vast number of visitors. We will be back again in 2020.

A proud comment at this point: for more than ten years, we have been very successfully training the two professions "technical product designer" and "cutting tool mechanic". In addition to a few awards from the Chamber of Crafts, we, as a family business, have succeeded in generating three national winners in the profession of cutting tool mechanic.

The tension is rising – full steam ahead for the inauguration
14. June 2018

On June 13, we were able to concrete the ceiling above the upper floor. Everything's on schedule. This is also due to the great teamwork of all project partners who really do a great job. We are also technically up to date. A concrete core temperature control system is used for air-conditioning and temperature control of the rooms. For this purpose, plastic pipes are inserted into the concrete core, which can be cooled or heated by a heat pump. Due to the low-temperature technology, energy consumption is minimized. A plus for ALMÜ, and a big plus for the environment.

Construction project continues to take shape
22. May 2018

Our construction project continues to take shape. On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, we could concrete the first slab before Ascension Day. This allows the concrete to harden completely, while our hard-working construction crew can enjoy their well-earned days of rest. We are also working hard on the innovative cooling system for the production and the office spaces.

The pipes of the concrete core activation, which were specially embedded in the building material, are currently clearly visible. Water is pumped through these cooling hoses to cool the building and the surrounding rooms. Draft from a poorly adjusted air-conditioning system is thus excluded. We are on schedule with the construction project, and we are already looking forward to our Christmas party in the new building.

Groundbreaking! ALMÜ extends its facilities with a new building, celebrating the groundbreaking ceremony.
15. February 2018

At the groundbreaking ceremony on January 15, CEO Markus Müller welcomed the numerous guests. Among them was Mayor Werner Link who, in his welcoming speech, expressed his appreciation for the company. He is happy about the expansion as ALMÜ is one of the municipality’s bigger companies, contributing substantially to the number of jobs in Zell. And the citizens are especially glad that the new ALMÜ complex, an elliptical glass construction, will make the municipality look especially beautiful as you enter it.

The groundbreaking ceremony was followed by a company tour during which the visitors – at various work stations – could gather information about ALMÜ’s services and products. A lunch for everyone marked the end of the event, with everyone looking forward to the new building.

ALMÜ is once again present at Grob’s in-house exhibition.
11. January 2018

Last year, too, ALMÜ had its own stand at the in-house exhibition of manufacturer Grob in Mindelheim, from November 15 to 18, 2017. This event has taken place every two years since 2009, and has long become a meeting point for the industry. Our exhibition team, led by Georg Deuschle-Grammenos, presented new solutions in clamping technology, and also showed various special tools to the visitors and those who were interested. Our thanks goes to all the 1,200 visitors who showed great interest in our services. And a special thanks goes to the Grob people for their amazing partnership and the great organization. We will be happy to participate again in 2019.

ALMÜ builds for the future
24. October 2017

ALMÜ Precision Tools GmbH has experienced quite an upward movement over the past few years, also stimulated by the introduction of our ALMÜ ALL IN ONE range. This has led to increased space requirements for the technical offices as well as for the PCD production. We are planning to meet these requirements by constructing a representative multi-story building. On the ground floor, our PCD tool production will then get a modern production environment, while the administration and the technical office will move to the first floor. On the second floor, there will be adequate space for product training, as well as larger meeting and conference rooms. The building is planned to comply with the KWF 70 energy efficiency criteria. The entire building will maintain its temperature by concrete core activation, ensuring that the very strict manufacturing tolerances of our PCD tools can also be met on hot summer days. The entire floor space will be about 1,330 square meters. Our partner for the construction is Mörk Bau from Leonberg, while the company Gödde will take care of the building services engineering. The construction is scheduled to begin in December 2017, and it will take about a year until the completion of the building.

ALMÜ Technology Days ALMÜ Technology Days ALMÜ Technology Days

ALMÜ Technology Days in April 2015
27. April 2015

ALMÜ held its first Technology Days on April 20 and 21, 2015. The aim of the event was to present ALMÜ’s latest technologies and developments to its European sales partners. It focused on ALMÜ’s ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM: the complete solution including tools, fixtures, and engineering. Along with straight product training, much attention was dedicated to linking up the individual companies.
Over the course of Monday, the ALMÜ team received its first guests. In the nearby Seminaris hotel, during the evening dinner, relations were deepened, and those present exchanged lots of information.
Tuesday then was the day devoted to the world of ALMÜ products. The key issue was the already mentioned ALMÜ ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM, presented with all its relevant features. Jaume Cusso from Barcelona and ALMÜ’s Georg Grammenos demonstrated all its distinctive advantages during a practical application. All the project’s advantages quickly became clear: from the fixture and the tool package right up to the actual PCD machining. Additionally, a number of interesting projects were presented; Yannick Martin from Jone Precision in France showed Airbus’s PCD tool.
With lots of interesting details, Markus Müller and the entire ALMÜ team turned the entire day into a most intriguing and compelling event.
Later, ALMÜ’s Technology Days ended with a joint dinner and evening program. Many participants suggested this kind of event should be held on an annual basis.

ALMÜ Präzisionswerkzeug GmbH | P +49-7164-9416-0 | F +49-7164-9416-9 | info [at]

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