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If you expect more than others when it comes to surfaces of workpieces, you need a tool system that allows you to adjust the cutters rapidly and easily.

HSC-Flex-Cutter A tangential cutter head, Ø 40, with four axially adjustable PCD cutters An HSC-Flex-Cutter with radially assembled pcd inserts and ABS® interface (License by KOMET®)

With the ALMÜ-Flex system, we have found an easy solution, just by turning a screw. We don’t promise too much when we claim that the cutters can be adjusted within minutes.

Our HSC-Flex-Cutter actually match up with all your expectations when it comes to face milling. The variable number of cutters stands for the highest efficiency of your milling processes. The robust and rather basic design of the tool makes it possible to rapidly adjust the cutters – all far from complicated.

Thanks to its higher grinding volume, combined with higher feeding rates and reduced cutting forces, the HSC-Flex-Cutter offers great potential in profitability.

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