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Modern solid carbide tools’ specifications in serial production are manifold. Processing cast and aluminum components presents lots of technological possibilities.

Solid carbide tools Spiral-grooved circularmilling tool, solid-carbide version Ball cutter for machining camshaft bearing channels Counterboring tool equipped with solid carbide

To be able to offer tools made exactly for the individual manufacturing process, you not only need technological competence, but also great creativity. That often ends up in creating entirely new tool shapes, which excel in productivity and costeffectiveness.

ALMÜ’s solid carbide tools stand out due to polished chipping spaces, individual cutter designs, precisely polished sections, and many other details. All that ensures that your finished workpieces will have exactly the surfaces you want them to.
Our extended services also provides you with exact data for the chipping parameters – of course, customized for the respective CNC machining center.
On request, we provide you with the milling data, the machining strategy, and the programming data in ISO code.
Our resharpening service uses the original production program to ensure the highest profile accuracy.

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