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Interchangeable plate tools are – along with PCD monobloc tools – a great technological and economic alternative.

Interchangeable plate tools A circular milling tool with PCD-equipped interchangeable plate A diagonally adjustable cutter with the ALMÜ-Flex system Preparation for a car’s connecting rod, small eye

Thanks to the ALMÜ-Flex system, the PCD-equipped interchangeable plates can by adjusted to the latest μm. Fittings from the world of IT6 with a CpK value of 1.66 are no problem at all. Moreover, the interchangeable plates can be resharpened, and just be used again. The costs of logistics, as well as the cost per cutter use can thus be reduced to a minimum.

Apart from using them in processing aluminum and light metal, we also prefer interchangeable plate solution when it comes to machining cast material. Whenever interchangeable plate solutions become necessary, we offer six additional sizes along with the ISO plates.

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