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Process layout
As a longstanding manufacturer of preci-sion tools, ALMÜ is perfectly familiar with all challenges of producing tools; that goes for simple solid carbide tools as well as for complex PCD monobloc tools.

Trochoidal milling with ALMÜ tools Improvements and optimization from our own chipping experience are integrated straight into the development of our products Designing a PCD-tipped spherical cutter

Combining tools and fixtures means we offer a one-stop service for almost all current machine tools. In modern automotive engineering, in aviation and space technology, as well as in mechanical engineering, precise and often safety-relevant workpieces are required. To ensure our final products are consistently of top quality, you need more than just a mere tool provider. We at ALMÜ count on partnership and good relations. We really know a lot about the interaction of all components such as tools, fixtures, and machining centers. Determining tools, defining machining processes, developing tool concepts, as well as collision analysis – all these are services provided by ALMÜ. The engineering package ensures a smooth coordination of the various components, even up to run-off tests with measuring programs directly at the manufacturer, optimization of chipping, and start-up support at our customer‘s place. All packages match each other perfectly.

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